Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Don't Believe in Atheists...

Although I myself am not an atheist, many of their questions, philosophies, and beliefs (or lack thereof) are very real and pertinent to our society as a whole. Do we really want to keep our country winding down the path it is going? In this time of "War on Consciousness" where the media floods us with nothing but terror, and our government allows such atrocities to continue, or worse yet, is involved with them. Many of you Christians out there find your only solace in going to church. Since this is a country flooded with a majority of Christians, in whatever sense of the word deemed appropriate at the time, this article is mostly for you. Along with your religious education.

Well what if I told you, that your church, synagogue, temple, or what have you, is nothing but another form of manipulation for spreading the propaganda. They are doing a great job at it, and that at the deepest rooted levels, there is no separation of church and state. We are a majority, ruled by the minority, blindly following along in the whirlwind we call modern life. Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that everything in the Bible, the Koran, or any religious document-doctrine-dogma is incorrect. There are some truth's. And it's up to you to find out what is real, and what you are to believe. Like the diamond in the ruff, you cannot just start digging expecting to find it. Just like you cannot be the sheep that you are, following your shepherd. You must live life for yourself, even if that means not the way the Bible tells you to.

Here is the largest controversy I have with Christians in every meaning of the word. By my definition true Christians should be what is called Messianic Jews. In the simplest of meaning you are a Jew, that believes that Jeshua (Jesus) was the Messiah. But no, most Christians believe that Jews are either not of "the same god" or don't believe your ways, some even call them evil. We see a great deal of this in Roman history. In reality Jesus of Nazareth was an Aramaic speaking, Jewish Rabbi. A great mage who performed magick (or miracles), a magick that even you can achieve. But this isn't the time for that. The Romans coined him with the term"Christos" meaning savior. Savior of whom? Not I, I am not Hebrew. I would think he would be the Jews savior, since he did go around teaching from the "Old Testament." It strikes me then, that in order to be a Christian, you must be Christ-like, or that's what all the sages say. So, in my opinion, humble as it may be, you must be Jewish, in order to be a Christian.

Now here is the real dilemma. How many Christians do you know that can speak Hebrew, have lit a Menorah, or better yet, have any idea what to say during the lighting of the Menorah. Like those protestant Christians who have never been Catholic, and have no idea how to pray the Rosary. This is not a unique trait of Catholicism either, as the Jews, Taoists, and even Muslims have like traditions.

Wake up Christians, start eating only Kosher foods, read more of the Tanakh (the Old Testament), and specifically the Torah, instead of the New Testament. Then you might get a little closer to true Christianity. If you really think you are religious, answer me this... Who is God talking to in Genesis 1:26 and what does he mean by OUR?

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..."

And for the love of anyones god(s), don't say Jesus. Jesus didn't exist when the Sumerians or Babylonians wrote that verse 20,000(+/-) years ago, and then when the Hebrews stole it and rewrote it for their own benefit, 4,000(+/-) years ago, they had no envision of Jesus as the messiah either. Not to mention he was born into MORTAL FLESH nearly 2,000 years later.

The answer is the council of gods. Wait, godS?? Plural.. And you thought the bible said there was only one god.. No, that commandment you are thinking of, is correctly translated: "Thou shalt not have other gods before me" not "There aren't any other gods," or "Don't worship any other gods," or however you like to interpret it. Think of Olympia,there was a council of Greek gods, ruled by the one high god called Zeus. Even in the Mesopotamian cultures, where the mythologies were eventually rewritten to fit the needs of the Hebrews, there was the existence of a council of gods. This destruction of the true story to fall into play with what the Hebrews wanted was just another ploy for control of the populous.

The fact of the matter is, no one religious source contains 100% truths, nor does any of them hold the whole story. Symbolic or otherwise. Many are so vague and watered down throughout the ages, that in order to obtain a personal peace of mind, some people turn to Atheism. Most people believe that atheists just believe that there is no god. There's a lot more to it than that. In order to have FAITH that there is no gods at all, you still have a BELIEF. And a belief over time, becomes a religion. That is why, I don't believe in atheism... LOL The Hebrews had faith in their god, and it spread into what is Judaism today. Even branching out into Christianity and Islam to name a few.

So stop before you call that atheist over there a non-believer, for reasons twofold. Number 1 is he is a believer, just a belief that there is no god. A stronger belief than even you may hold. And number 2 is because he probably has a greater knowledge of both the bible, and other religions and philosophies unknown to you. It is said that you must know your enemy before you can defeat him. Well in the case of a Christian preacher, until he has read the Vedas he has no right to preach against the Hindu.

Or worse yet, if he hasn't read the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, he has no input in the matters and lives of Satanists with good morals, here or abroad. And yet, the religious intolerance still prevails. It's just like a Confucianist who has only read the Analects to tell a Christian priest he is wrong. Sure he is, but so is the Confucianist. Even the Wiccans get treated badly, when they are just trying to find their way in this mess we call civilization. And the fact remains that most of the moral complex that makes up 75% of these religions and most of the major faiths are the same throughout. You can even look at the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Don't kill, steal, yadda-yadda-yadda...

So it's time you did some research. Enough complaining about the Islamic population of Iraq and the "troubles" they cause us. Why don't you pick up the Koran. Don't listen to your Christian friends who tell you their opinion of it. Then at least you might have an educated opinion about the subject at hand. Read up on where the religion you were taught as a child came from. What it is TRULY about. You might be surprised. First get outside opinions, then ask your parents, teachers, preachers, questions like Gen 1:26 and more, to get their input, but don't fall victim of theirs or anyone's belief structure. You are just now becoming aware and conscious to the fact that your faith may be all for naught anyways. Not a good time to wrap yourself up in someone else's beliefs just because you feel vulnerable without your god...

Not that you should drop your faith either. But more so that you should analyze your beliefs and your overall perspective on the TRUTH. It is time to learn, not to be taught. Are you being lied to? By the government? The Media? Your preacher? The answer - PROBABLY!

Enough of my rant for now. There were some quite humorous videos I watched by Edward Current which is what prompted me to write this article, and here are the links. He is an atheist, although he puts himself in the mask of a Christian while making these videos, which makes them all the more fun...

The Atheist Delusion

Atheist Delusion #2

Atheism is a Religion

Out of atheism, comes many jokes. Against and for their non-belief. One such creation is the Invisible Pink Unicorn or the IPU. The atheists diety. Quoted by Steve Eley saying, "Like all religions, the Faith of the Invisible Pink Unicorns is based upon both logic and faith. We have faith that they are pink; we logically know that they are invisible because we can't see them." You can also look into the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

I found a new site that atheists and many free thinking theists can agree on in some terms. Motivational posters to stimulate your rebellion to the society in which we are "connected." Here is a link, although the page is down at this time of writing, I hope it will return shortly.

For those of you wanting to do some more research into the bible, here are some great resources:

101 Contradictions of the Bible
Although this is posted on an Islamic site, I have seen it elsewhere before this posting. Look up the verses yourself, there is great relevance in these verses which seem to oppose one another.

101 Myths of the Bible
A great resource explaining the ancient Egyptian P & J documents. Describing to point 101 "similarities" that show up in the the Tanakh. The one that I'm still in awe about, is its clear interpretation of the deluge (the great flood). It stated that the earth being covered in the 15 cubits of water, was the equivalent to 25 feet. Now, excuse me if I am wrong, but I recall being on Mt. McKinley last year at a level somewhere around 20,000 feet. But the whole earth was covered with only 25ft of water. Explain to me that one...

Sigmund Freud's work entitled Moses and Monotheism can also be of assistance to the true biblical scholar. Only if you can understand the writings of Freud himself. Much how Aleister Crowley was and still is misinterpreted. More on him in The upcoming Occultism articles.

Another great reference to all would be any works by Jordan Maxwell, to include his excerpt in The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read. This compilation of many authors sets the standard in rationalizing monotheistic beliefs.

For more research on atheism in particular, you can visit Planet Atheism.

The last and final resource on religious material, is Sacred Texts, a group dedicated to preservation of all documents considered sacred and spiritual.

If you want me to cover a specific religious or any other topic here on Biohazard, then email me at shizat at bhzrd dot com . I can always start a new column, just like The End of the World, or the one I am working on now, Occultism. Maybe some more conspiracies? Would just hate for my freedom of speech and press to get taken away just for voicing my opinions. :)

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