Saturday, June 2, 2007

Biohazard Gaming is spreading

Help spread the word that Biohazard Gaming is spreading out. We still have 2 servers running, and we are looking for more, and more help. And we are including more "options" to the meaning of BIOHAZARD...

We have been around for a few years, and purchased a little over a year ago. The 2 servers still in operation are Conditon Zero *and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MP).** We are in need of donations for running and operating additional servers. As well as we are searching for a volunteer for admin and moderation duties. Our site is not as maintained as it should be, and frankly could use some up-to-date pertinent information.

In light of all this, the servers we are running, or the web site, are intended to remain up, so long as we can afford it. The Czero server will go down in a few weeks for a matter of days, for a site change. Beyond this no scheduled downtimes are forseen. Please help support us, even if by clicking on the Google Ad Sponsors. Every little bit helps!


*Condition Zero is a Steam-Powered game, and it has no affiliation with Biohazard Gaming,, or The -[FUK.KLANZ]- Krew. However, we highly suggest that if you do not have this game (old as it is), you can purchase online for a mere $10 (or better yet the Complete Pack for $80). It is still a fantastic FPS. Our server is quite modified, with UWC3, Hookmod and lots more. Click Here to play now!

**Grand Theft Auto is a Rocktar game, and it has no affiliation with Biohazard Gaming,, or The -[FUK.KLANZ]- Krew. It is also not a multiplayer game (normally). We have added the Multiplayer patch to GTA: San Andreas, and created our own Team Deathmatch game mode.

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Anonymous said...

Hey all, it D0LPH1NU5

Hopfully soon we will all be able to get back into some Czero...

Lets get the other servers back up too!!!

Blessed Be!