Monday, July 30, 2007

The End of the World III

Ok, Part 3 had a lot more in it, but I lost some of my notes. So here’s what I remember and what I have found since I began this edition...

Well to start, on the first post of The End of the World I posted a comment about Loose Change (2E), but didn’t get a link out... Well here is the link! And here is a link to The Lone Lantern Society of America, which contains a great deal of links, articles and videos to pass the time.

D3M4N just gave me a link the other day to a full download History Channel documentary called "Doomsday 2012." A good watch, although I have only made it through half of it. Original link found here, download Part 1 Here, wait for completion, then download Part 2 Here.

A video I recently came across on Google Video was “2012: the Future of Mankind.” Another one that I was interrupted in the middle of, but nonetheless is very intriguing and educational.
Here is the link!

From the creator of “
They Want Your SoulIgnorance Isn’t Bliss, released a video entitled, DARPA’s iXo Artificial Intelligence Control Grid.” Which brings far more realities to the topic of the G.I.G. mentioned in the first video. Keep an eye out in September when IIB is supposed to release “An Unholy Alliance”.

Ok enough videos for now...

If you haven’t read anything by
Sitchin yet, you might not have a full grasp on many of his prevailing theories. His latest book and conclusion to the Earth Chronicles “The End of Days – Armageddon and Prophecies of the Return” is going to be full of End of the World talk.

I found a new blog recently that is a great resource
of information, Reconciliation of Science with Religion. What strikes me odd is that his information presented, while very different, is on the same level as the Sitchin Studies. Check out Pyramids and Swastikas … how squares become circles. It is one of my favorite articles, if you need a math lesson.

Also of note, as I just ran across this site.
December 21st, 2012 for Dummies! An excellent tribute to the preparedness of 2012 disasters and other catastrophes…

Another topic to mention, is that in 2 of the recent DVD documentaries I have watched they mentioned creating a primordial environment such as that of before the big bang. You know, dark matter and all. This is occurring somewhere outside of Chicago and also somewhere in Europe. Even a
Black Hole here on Earth. Here is my question to you scholars out there. If you create the Big Bang on the face of the Earth, what would happen to the Earth??? I can only spell it Ka-Booooom! Or what about the black hole thing? Sure you think it’s safe, but have you ever created a Black hole before or bombarded particles together in such a fashion as to create a universe? We have already split atoms and destroyed entire populations. And yet suffice it to say, we are still looking for new ways to destroy ourselves…

If you haven’t seen the funny Flash entitled
“End of the World” it’s good for a chortle…

So, who is behind the
End of the World? The fall of mankind… You tell me. Give me your opinions, links, videos, and what-not. Tell me what you think is the True answer, Lucifer? Asteroids? Osama Bin Laden? Solar Supernova? Bush? Alien Invasion? Black Hole? Geo-Thermal Nuclear War? The Media? Deluge #2? Big Business? Big Brother? You? Nothing and Nobody? When will it be? I can tell you that… It’s happening before our very eyes, and most everyone is oblivious. We are so desensitized as a society to not even notice what happens all around us.

Well that’s it for me this time…

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