Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Public School: Good or Bad?

Ok, just another quick one for today...

My daughter is going to the local public school and will be in 3rd grade next year. My wife and I decided to check out the schools website to see when school started. I will admit, the site is organized well, and we quickly found a PDF format calendar right away...

The funny thing is, I stumbled across the curriculum, and said sure, why don't I find out if I know what a 3rd grader is supposed to know...LOL So anyways, I come across the Math section and begin glancing at the sample format questions, and most seem correct to me, until... (NOTE the " * " is to denote the correct answer):



Sorry for the bad image there, CLICK HERE for a better one...

Well if you can't figure that one out on your own (you really need to go back to school yourself...) but I will slow it down for you. The first problem I suppose could be attributed to English, if the question were worded correctly then perhaps we would know if Tim made $25 for the total of both Saturday and Sunday. Or the other conclusion of $25 each day, totalling $50 (25+25=50).

Then down to the obvious math error, for in both instances the answer does not exist, nor is the "chosen" answer correct. Tim spent $20 after Monday and Tuesday's shopping spree. So in either case of totals, then answer does not exist in the choices given. If it was $25 total, then there would be $5 left (25-20=5). And if there was a total of $50 there would have been $30 to spare (50-20=30).

Now this is why I think $29 must be the answer. Tim got paid $25 each day with a total of $50 and spent $20 on his new wardrobe. But what the kids around here must have to learn is TAXES... Oh yeah, but they forgot that in the curriculum. This city must have a 5% sales tax (which it doesn't!) totaling the one remaining dollar in the possible answer ( $1/$20=0.05 )! So that would leave Tim with his measly $29 dollars ( $20x1.05%= $21 50-21=29 ), still livin' with Mom, mowing lawns on the weekend, and playing video games all day... (hmm, why did I move out and get a job again.?)

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