Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Im back online...

Sorry all I have been out for awhile...

I have had family in town, and we just got back from out of town. Lots of new stuff to publish, just a few days to get it all together...

I must post this though. Ok, quick storyline. We went to a family reunion, it was alright. Pain in the arse because I had a blowout on the 12 hour drive there, so it ended up as 15 hours, but oh well.

We get there, and had to go to the grocery store to get food for the whole get together, and when I told everyone I was going I was warned by my uncle "Don't go to Harmon's they had green meat." Well funny enough as that is (crappy reference to a Green Eggs & Ham joke should go here...), as we headed to the next grocery store we had to pass by that one, and on the marquee out front, was... well you figure it out:

Funniest dang thing I saw while I was there... (well ok there was some more but there isn't time for that) I don't plan on buying any anytime soon, but if you want some, I can tell you where to go!!!

--The rest of the reunion trip

--More on all that has happend recently to come!!!

--Soon to come "The End of the World Part 3"!!!

Biohazard Gaming and More!!!

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